Reference Form: Pastor
Reference Form: Church Leader
Reference Form: Employer
Doctrinal Statement (You can also read our doctrinal statement online)

To apply for admission to Shepherds:

  1. Carefully read through the Shepherds Catalogue.
  2. Complete an application form in either hardcopy or electronic version and submit it with all required documentation.
  3. Distribute reference forms to your nominated references and have them send these directly to Shepherds.

Submit the application along with all supporting documents to Shepherds:

In person

By mail (we do not recommend using ordinary mail; please use a courier and make copies of all documents you send)

By email (preferred method; please keep the original and submit upon first contact)

Mailing address

Admissions: Shepherds’ Seminary Africa
PO Box 861
South Africa

Email address

Use the following email address (written like this here to prevent spambots; use the usual @ and . ):

admin at shepherdsafrica dot co dot za

We will consider your application once we receive your completed application form and all supporting documentation. If you meet the admissions criteria we will contact you for an interview. The outcome of your application will be given to you in writing.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Next cohort: January 2024
Application deadline: 31 October 2023