All of our students have gone through rigorous lessons and lectures throughout their time at Shepherds'.
Listen to what they have learnt and how they have grown.

Dimitri Kalaydzhiev - 4th Year Student (Class of 2021)

Dimitri speaks about the equipping received at Shepherds’ and gives encouragement for those thinking of joining!

Jason Ashley - 4th Year Student (Class of 2021)

Jason shares about Matt Viljoen’s classes; as well as whether seminary is for everyone!

Clement Godana - 4th Year Student (Class of 2021)

Clement tells us about the importance of Old Testament studies and reminds us to be Scripture centered in seminary, in our personal studies, and in our ministries!

David van den Berg - 2nd year (Class of 2023)

David shares what he has learnt through the counseling and hermeneutics classes showing us the importance of being biblically minded!