Our training is distinctive in the following ways:

An extensive, biblical doctrinal statement: By the time students complete the program, we want them to know what they believe and why they believe it.

A consistently biblical philosophy of ministry: Fads come and go; God’s plan for the church never changes.

An unrelenting emphasis on expository preaching: There is nothing more important than handling the Word of God accurately in the study and in the pulpit.

An exegetical approach to theology: Theology must be derived from the text of Scripture, not from theological traditions or philosophical argumentation.

Biblical counselling: When applied by the Spirit of God, the Bible is fully capable of addressing the emotional and spiritual problems of God’s people.

Godly lecturers who are pastor-expositors: Shepherd-preachers produce shepherd-preachers.

An emphasis on mentoring in a local church: For pastoral training to be effective, theory and practice must join hands by means of a meaningful mentoring programme.